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    1. Two Out Of Five Salespeople Aren’t Meeting Their Quotas [Report]

      Explore webpronews.com (Mar 24 2014)

      Two Out Of Five Salespeople Aren’t Meeting Their Quotas [Report]

      Qvidian has some new research out finding that only 63% of salespeople are making their quotas. As a result, improving overall quota attainment is one of the top goals of executive managers. The report, based on data from CSO Insights, …

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    2. Sales Management Digest: Understanding Antagonistic Prospects

      Explore Selling Power (Mar 11 2014)

      Sales Management Digest: Understanding Antagonistic Prospects

      Fear of change is the reason some prospects may not buy your product or service. For the professional salesperson, the prospect's fear can influence the sale in either a negative or a positive way.rnrnUnderstand that…

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    3. Sales Management Digest: Sales Management Lessons from Army Generals

      Explore Selling Power (Mar 4 2014)

      Sales managers are like Army generals. The ones who stand on the front lines and lead their troops into battle – or into a sale – are certainly heroic, but usually wind up going down…

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    4. InsideView Applauds 25 Influential Leaders in Sales

      Explore Marketwired (Nov 19 2013)

      InsideView's third annual list showcases some of the most brilliant minds shaping the sales landscape.

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    5. Top 25 Sales Influencers List From InsideView

      Explore InsideView Sales Intelligence (Nov 18 2013)

      Top 25 Sales Influencers List From InsideView

      Top25Image Banner


      For the last two years, InsideView has set a precedent by assembling an authoritative list that recognizes the contributions and achievements of the brightest minds in the sales industry. 

      The Annual Top 25 Sales Influencers list was announced today. The recipients will to be recognized at a ceremony November 18, 2013 at Dreamforce. 

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    6. Best-In-Class Sales Performance — 2014 and Beyond

      Explore spisales.com (Oct 28 2013)

      Professional selling has never been more challenging. A confluence of factors has created a sales environment that is faster paced and more complex than at any time in history. As a result, sales organizations and sales professionals need to be adaptive and agile – they need to effectively respond to buyers with unbounded access to information.

      What Does Research Tell Us About Optimizing Sales Results? 

      Aberdeen Group studies over 300 global sales organizations on an annual basis to determine characteristics of “Best-In-Class” performers, who are defined by: 

      1. Top 20% in quota attainment 
      2. Top 20% in year-over-year revenue growth 
      3. Top 20% in ...
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      Mentions:   Dave Stein   Aberdeen Group

    7. A Smarter Way To Think About Sales Commissions

      Explore Base | Baseline – Base CRM Blog (Oct 28 2013)

      One of the business world’s oldest traditions, the practice of paying commissions to sales teams, is under scrutiny. Is commission the best motivator?

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    8. How to Make More Sales with Less Sales Activity!

      Explore Business 2 Community (Sep 17 2013)

      How to Make More Sales with Less Sales Activity!

      The key to selling MORE with LESS work is to speak only with those prospects who are ready to buy right now, and guide them into buying.

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    9. Seven types of sales managers: Understanding one of the most important leaders in your organization

      Explore Business Review Weekly (Sep 15 2013)

      Seven types of sales managers: Understanding one of the most important leaders in your organization

      To better understand these sales management styles, Steve W. Martin of USC Marshall School of Business asked more than 60 top vice presidents of sales from leading high technology and business services companies to estimate what percentage of their time they used a particular management style, and then to rank the applicability of the style to the success in their role on a scale of 1 (least important) to 5 (most important).

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    10. Gartner: Sales Organizations Must Upgrade Skills

      Explore Share Market India (Sep 11 2013)

      Despite all the attention around digital marketing and its ability to connect with customers in new and meaningful ways, people selling to people is still the primary way in which business-to-business (B2B) technology purchases are made, according to a recent survey by Gartner, Inc. 

      Gartner conducted a primary research study across 503 organizations in North America, Europe and China to understand how the marketing activities of IT providers influence organizations' decisions to select certain technologies and services, as well as the providers that supply them. The survey found that 56 percent of respondents considered direct interaction with the provider of ...

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    11. How To Sell Value Instead Of Commodities

      Explore forbes.com (Aug 9 2013)

      Author and consultant Alexandra Levit explores how one large company shifted to a value-based selling strategy -- and achieved a 350% ROI in just 11 months.

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    12. Negotiate Throughout the Sales Process for Better Results

      Explore SalesAndMarketing.com (Jul 22 2013)

       If salespeople wait until it’s time to close the deal to put their negotiating skills to work,  they may fall far short of their goals and their chances of building a long-term client relationship will quickly fade away.

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    13. Ten Reasons Sales People Lose Deals - A Response to HBR

      Explore solutionsellingblog.com (Jul 8 2013)

      The following post is in response to the Harvard Business Review Article: Ten Reasons Salespeople Lose Deals.

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      Mentions:   Harvard Business Review

    14. ROI on Sales Performance Initiatives

      Explore Selling Power (Jul 8 2013)

      In this video with Selling Power, sales leader Dave Stein advises companies to switch from instinctual mode to strategic mode when it comes to investing in their sales force.

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      Mentions:   Dave Stein

    15. The Single, Simplest Way To Radically Improve Your Customer's Experience

      Explore forbes.com (Jun 27 2013)

      The Single, Simplest Way To Radically Improve Your Customer's Experience

      Many brands go out of their way to minimize contact between employees and customers. The great customer service brands do the opposite. They know that your experience is based on how employees make you feel and it all starts with a warm welcome.

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    16. How Great Sales Leaders Coach

      Explore forbes.com (Jun 25 2013)

      How Great Sales Leaders Coach

      When it comes to sales coaching, there is no silver bullet. But intense focus and alignment coupled with the right kinds of conversations with representatives can make a dramatic difference in the output of your sales organization.

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    17. The Real Reason You're Not Closing

      Explore inc.com (Jun 24 2013)

      The Real Reason You're Not Closing

      You've done everything right. You know what you're selling--and why your customer should buy it--but you just can't close the sale. Perhaps the missing ingredient is why a customer should buy...now.

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    18. Perspectives on Managing Sales Force Change

      Explore qvidian.com (Jun 24 2013)

      Perspectives on Managing Sales Force Change

      At the end of the day, sales rep adoption is the lowest common-denominator. In the case of training and technology, even if there is perceived value to the rep, it needs to be easy to ‘consume’. Reinforcing sales training and changes in sales processes is hard to sustain, particularly when it’s a moving target.

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    19. A Crash Course For VPs Of Sales (And Sales & Marketing Alignment Tips)

      Explore Big Data for Sales and Marketing (Jun 21 2013)

      What should you look for in a VP of Sales? How should a VP of Sales budget his/her time? What can a VP of Sales do to ensure sales and marketing alignment? We recently caught up with Jason Lemkin, co-founder and CEO of EchoSign, about pressing issues for VPs of Sales at growing companies and to uncover why the VP of Sales and VP of Marketing need to be the Mom and Dad of revenue.

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    20. Study finds link between missed revenue goals, formal sales training

      Explore Business News (Jun 18 2013)

      One-in-six sales managers in firms that missed revenue goals during the past year cited a lack of sales training as a cause.

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    21. Sales Management Digest: Why Sales Leadership is Like Spinning Plates

      Explore Selling Power (Jun 18 2013)

      Sales leadership is much like spinning plates. The key is to keep them all spinning and not let any fall.

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    22. How to Make Sense of Sales Force Turnover

      Explore HBR Blog Network (Jun 10 2013)

      How to Make Sense of Sales Force Turnover

      Imagine a sales leader who's looking over data from exit interviews with salespeople who've left his company in the last year. Among the departing reps, 32% left primarily because of their relationship with their first line manager, 27% left primarily because of inadequate pay, and 21% left primarily because of the lack of promotion opportunities

      The question: What should the sales leader do to fix this problem?

      Is it time to upgrade the first line managers, enhance pay, revisit promotion opportunities--or some combination of the three?

      There's more to the story than meets the eye here. Let ...

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    23. 17 Skills For Highly Effective Tradeshow Events

      Explore forbes.com (Jun 10 2013)

      17 Skills For Highly Effective Tradeshow Events

      Learn top tips for making the most of your sales and marketing activities at trade shows.

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    24. Time for truce in sales-marketing 'war'

      Explore BtoB Magazine (Jun 1 2013)

      Time for truce in sales-marketing 'war'

      Distrust often marks the relationship between sales and marketing, but numerous points of cooperation do exist, specialists in each field say.

      Kotler, international marketing professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, says that while marketing originally existed to provide sales with collateral material and awareness-raising ads, an imbalance arose as CMOs increasingly took their seats at the C-suite table.

      “Before, marketing was seen as a service function, and no one thought it should be participating in company strategy,” Kotler said. As a result of that change, he said, CMOs are now taking more direct control of the ...

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